Deeper 1200 x 628

We host occasional Deeper evenings for those who want to go deeper in their engagement with Christian faith and the Bible.

Always thought-provoking, occasionally controversial, never dogmatic or simplistic!

Tuesday 19th July 2022, 7.30 pm - What does the Bible say about.. sexuality?

Deeper - Sexuality

The Bible doesn’t say as much about sexuality as might be assumed from the volume of debate. So what does it say?  What if the Bible actually says more than we thought, and yet does not say what we've heard it says? We'll explore some of the key texts. This session is designed as a follow-on from the What is the Bible? session (see below), and open to those who are part of Chester Road Baptist Church's #GrowingCommunity. It will be repeated at a later date for a wider audience.


Deeper - What IS the Bible - 2What is the Bible?

For Christians, the Bible is core to understanding God's story and ours. And yet, its 66 books, written over 1500 years by 40+ writers from three Continents, numerous cultures and languages, using a variety of literary styles, can leave us with questions. Lots of them!  Faced with questions, Jesus said, "how do you read the Bible?" What's your 'take' on God's story? On Wednesday 15th June we'll explore ways to understand and engage with the Bible.
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Cross of ChristWhat is Atonement?

‘Jesus saves’. ‘Jesus died for you’. These are simple statements that have changed billions of lives throughout history. But how does Christ’s death on a cross 2000 years ago bring about spiritual salvation today? 
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