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Our Beliefs 

Beliefs matter. They shape what we believe God to be like, and therefore how we relate to God; they influence what we do and how we behave. Being diverse, people at Chester Road hold a variety of beliefs. We do not all think the same. This list is indicative, not exhaustive, of some of our core Christian beliefs.

  1. We believe God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and in all-places. God is Love - the source of all love of the purest kind - and looks to demonstrate His love in all situations.
  2. We believe the Bible tells the story of God, His people and the world He made. God calls us to immerse ourselves in His story, to meditate on and interpret it, and ultimately to live out that story today.
  3. We believe there is only one God who is the creator and sustainer of the whole universe and that creation is the expression of His love, creativity and power. God then gave all humans responsibility to look after and care for His creation.
  4. We believe the one God exists in relationship as three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Relationships matter because as ‘three in one’ God Himself exists in perfect relationship.
  5. We believe every person is unique, special to God and made in His image, full of potential and possibility.  When God made humanity, He declared His delight in what He had made.
  6. We believe every human messes things up when we live our way, not God's way. This mess [sin] brings about pain, suffering and death on both personal and global levels. All relationships suffer because of this; with God, each other, and the earth.
  7. We believe, to clear up humanity’s mess, God the Son miraculously became human in Jesus, born of Mary, and showed us what God is truly like and how to live. Through His life, sacrificial death, and resurrection, Jesus defeated the power of evil, sin and death, offering us all to have a right relationship with God, each other, and God’s Creation.
  8. We believe God sends His Spirit on us as followers of Jesus. His Spirit lives within us, makes us know we are His children, gives us spiritual gifts, shows us when we go wrong and makes being like Jesus possible.
  9. We believe the Church is the people of God drawn from many different traditions and denominations that God has commissioned to show His love to those in need, make disciples of Jesus, baptise those who believe. and share communion.
  10. We believe there is more to come when Jesus returns as Judge and King of this world. When He comes again He will bring an end to all injustice, pain, suffering and death and renew the earth and heavens. In the meantime, we seek first God’s Kingdom, heaven on earth.

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