24Resources to help you PRAY for 60 minutes

These are only intended to get you started. Feel free to go off piste with the Holy Spirit.  Come, Holy Spirit, come.

Pause - 5 mins

Psalm 46 - read it or watch it
Read it slowly and more than once.
What words/ phrases are you drawn to?
Have a conversation with God about them.

Take a moment to be still
Slowly breathe in. Briefly hold your breath. Then slowly breathe out.
And repeat. Listen to the sound of your breath.
Breathe in God's love, peace, grace...
Breathe out your praise and adoration of God

Say aloud and slowly:
Be still and know that I am God."
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.

Rejoice - 5 mins

A-Z praise
Go through the alphabet, speaking out words that describe God.
God, You are. Amazing. Beautiful. Compassionate...

Sing a worship song 
Kings of Kings Jesus, all for Jesus Holy Spirit, You are welcome here

Ask - 30 mins

Pray for NHS, health and care workers - 5 mins

  • Physical strength, health, and well-being
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Spiritual recovery
  • Good Hope, Heartlands, QE, Children's Hospital, Royal Orthopaedic 

Pray for national and local leaders - 5 mins

  • Place your hands on your head and ask God to give wisdom to national and local political leaders as they make decisions to protect people.
  • Cup your hand over your ear and ask God to bring excellent advisers to guide them.
  • Open your hands in front of you and ask God to give them the ability to communicate clearly to the public
5 mile RadiusPray for our mission & ministry
#GrowingCommunity, in Sutton Coldfield, north Birmingham and beyond.
To get a bird's eye view of our immediate mission field, click here.
Pray for the different neighbourhoods.

Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit Paper fan
Make a paper fan. Write/ draw on each fold
.. in our streets. Come, holy Spirit, come.
.. in our gifts. Come, Holy Spirit, come.
.. in our worship. Come, Holy Spirit, come.
.. in our mission. Come, Holy Spirit, come.
.. in our faith. Come, Holy Spirit, come.
Give us boldness, Come, Holy Spirit, come.

Pray for revival
Pray for a growing interest in spirituality and a curiosity in/hunger for God
Pray that many come to faith in Jesus Christ

Pray for those now connecting through the Sunday Online services

Yield - 10 mins

Sing the Lord's Prayer:

Sit silently with God - 5 mins
Sit in silence with God.
Sometimes there is nothing to say - just contentment, SHALOM.
Other times, a thought, word or phrase emerges.

Pray the body prayer - inspired by Julian of Norwich

Thank you to 24-7Prayer.com for ideas and inspiration. You rock!