Funeral flowers on coffinOrganise a funeral 

The death of a loved one is a difficult time. It’s when we appreciate the care and prayers of family, friends and wider community. Chester Road Baptist Church is here to support you. We would be honoured to work with you and your appointed Funeral Director to provide a fitting funeral service.


What can Chester Road Baptist Church provide?

  • Our funeral services are typically inclusive and personal. We work hard to ensure each funeral is meaningful to the family and friends.
  • Typically, we conduct a short service at a crematorium or burial ground lasting 20-25 minutes (shorter if preceded by a church service). We understand that people have varied engagement with faith and so tailor the Christian content of a funeral service appropriately.
  • In addition, we can host and conduct a full church service before or after the burial or cremation service, giving you more time, space, and capacity for extra guests.
  • Our church has a peaceful look and comfortable feel. It can seat up to 200 guests and has disabled access, a hearing loop and disabled-access toilet and baby changing facilities.
  • Practically, there is car parking on site for family and funeral cortege (32 spaces, free) and at nearby Chester Road Railway Station car park (300 metres, 180 spaces, charges apply).
  • Finally, it may be possible to have your funeral reception or wake at Chester Road Baptist Church, served by our Crossroads Cafe,  in one of our function rooms (additional hire, NB we are ‘alcohol-free).
  • A frequent comment made to us at key life moments is, "If I went to church, Chester Road Baptist would be the kind of church I'd go to."

Dealing with loss

Each death and therefore each funeral is different. You might feel numb at first, then a mixture of grief, even gratitude, or anger. You might be hurting with the tragedy of an unexpected death, or grateful for a long and fruitful life spent together.
Funerals can raise profound personal questions about the meaning of life and death. That’s perfectly normal. In the weeks/ months after the funeral you might want to talk to someone about dealing with loss, get involved with others socially or work through questions about life, death and faith. We are here for you. At Chester Road Baptist, you’ll meet others from all walks of life, some of whom have also experienced loss.

What happens at a funeral service?

We’ll work with you and your Funeral Director to ensure the funeral service reflects the wishes of you and the deceased.  Typically, a funeral service will include:

  1. Entry of the coffin. The Minister usually meets the coffin at the entrance and leads it and the mourners in. The Minister will read some relevant words from the Bible.
  2. Welcome and Introduction. After the welcome, there may be a short prayer and a hymn/song or a tribute to the person who has passed away (eulogy). This can be done by a family member, friend or the Minister. Sometimes symbols of the person's life are placed on or near the coffin.
  3. Readings and short message. For example, Psalm 23, ' The Lord is my shepherd', speaks of God being with us in death and grief. The short talk will always be tailored to your situation.
  4. Prayers. The Minister will lead short prayers, giving thanks for your loved one's life and asking for God's grace and strength for those who mourn. This may end with the Lord's Prayer.
  5. Commendation, farewell and committal. The Minister will commend the deceased to God's love and mercy. The body is then 'committed' for burial or cremation. This can (but need not) involve closing the curtains.

What does a funeral cost?

Your Funeral Director will charge for their services.  Included within their total cost will be, for example, the cost for the crematorium/ cemetery, care and preparation of the deceased, coffin, cortege, Funeral Director and bearers, and the crematorium and/or church service. As part of this, Chester Road Baptist Church would receive a ministry payment for our support.

What do you need to do?

  1. Appoint a Funeral Director to co-ordinate the funeral arrangements.
  2. Register the death within 5 days with the Local Authority the death occurred in. For Birmingham t: 0121 675 1000   e:
  3. Danny Brierley - clerical collDecide the type of funeral service – cremation or burial, with or without a full church service before/ after?
  4. Meet a Minister to discuss your requirements or wishes. This can be either at your home or the church – whatever is best for you. Our Minister will help you with the order of service and choices of songs/ hymns and readings. Call Rev Danny Brierley t: 0121 350 2779 or m:  07840 046020
Download our Organising a Funeral brochure. It includes the contact details for a wide range of Funeral Directors.