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We rely on the generous giving of all those that count Chester Road Baptist Church as their spiritual home, as well as from those who use our many community services and facilities.

As an independent charity, we're responsible for all our own costs: employing our staff; maintaining our facilities; funding our extensive programme.

For more information about giving to Chester Road Baptist Church, please click here.

People give to Chester Road Baptist Church for many different reasons:

  1. Many give as an act of worship and spiritual discipline. Fully devoted followers of Christ submit everything to God.
  2. Others give because the Bible has much to say about generosity, giving, and the importance of valuing the Church - the 'body of Christ'.
  3. Some give because they especially like our work with children, young people, or seniors.
  4. Then, others give because it's rewarding to do something good with money. Everyone can experience joy in giving.

You can give in many different ways:

1) On Sundays. When the offering baskets are passed around.
2) Regular Giving online. Fill in the form below by ticking the box on how you want to give. You can choose a  one off payment, monthly or both.