Journalist finds God 

Norma's StoryI was brought up with Christian parents and believed in God from an early age, and so assumed life would be easy.  No so!  My Mum died when l was 15 years, and Dad a few years later.  Life changed and l had to strike out on my own, I left  lost my faith somewhere along the way.

Although l had a very successful career working for the Birmingham Mail, BRMB and the BBC, l wasn’t happy and nothing l did satisfied this feeling. 

I went on a skiing holiday and, to my surprise, I met a Christian, who over many a glass of wine, spoke of his faith. He explained how l could come back to God. l committed myself back to God and immediately felt a great load had fallen from shoulders.

Since then my life has centred on God and l praise Him every day for His care and love. That doesn't mean things have always been easy.

Until three years ago, I had a very healthy. But then, whilst visiting my aunt in hospital, I had a heart attack. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  I knew that Christians were praying for me and felt the healing hand of God restore me to good health again.  I now live in a small cottage on an estate near Chester Road Baptist Church, ride my friend’s horse again, and attend fitness class.  I thought l had lost everything when l became ill but my faith has sustained me, enriched my life and given me a meaning to being alive.

Norma is part of the growing community that is Chester Road Baptist Church. Whatever your story, we'd love to welcome you too!