Professional fighter finds God 

Ezechiel - croppedEzechiel discovered at a young age he was not only good at fighting, he loved it. He loved the excitement and respect it brought. This frequently led him into trouble.

Feeling out of control, Ezechiel entered the brutal world of Muay Thai boxing. He quickly turned pro and soon found himself touring the world as a professional boxer. The fights became bigger, the injuries more severe, and the rewards greater. But Ezechiel could not shake off a feeling that 'this' (whatever it was) wasn't 'it'. He was missing something, and all the time he continued feeling out of control.

Then, one day, someone gave Ezechiel a Bible. He turned to the back pages and read the book of Revelation. Immediately he was grabbed by what he read. Here was a bigger power. He prayed and asked God to change him. Much to everyone's shock, Ezechiel became a Christian.

Now, believing in God was one thing, turning up at a church was quite another. He needn't have felt as nervous as he did. He was amazed by the welcome and encouragement he received. In 2018 Ezechiel was baptised here at Chester Road Baptist Church. Now he is married and has developed a gardening and horticulture business. He is a gentle giant, having found a deep peace with God.

Ezechiel is part of the growing community that is Chester Road Baptist Church. Whatever your story, we'd love to welcome you too!