Use Zoom to have video meetings/ conversations

Use Zoom to invite any number of people to join you for a video conversation/ meeting. You'll all be able to see and hear each other. It's like all being together in the same room, whilst still remaining in your own homes/ locations.

#GrowingCommunity by video conferencing.

Use Zoom and your imagination to:

  • Meet with your small group Zoom conference call
  • Host a Book Club
  • Study the Bible together
  • Meet for a cuppa or go posh and have afternoon tea together
  • Have lunch with friends
  • Getting praying for one another
  • Learn together a language or new skill, use your knowledge/ experience to bless other
  • Get competitive with a 'virtual' pub quiz or board games
  • Need to get fit? Work out together
  • Just have a natter!

Zoom's free version gives you up to 40 minutes on any one meeting/ conversation (before timing you out.)

To get started with Zoom, click here or use this link: https://zoom.us/  (select Sign up for free option) 

The first time, you'll be asked to download Zoom.


  1. I've been invited by someone to join a Zoom meeting. What do I do? Click here.
  2. I'd like to organise/ schedule a Zoom meeting. How do I do that? Click here.