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Sunday 18th November @ 10.30 am  

Hearing God in the Wilderness  (Exodus 16:1-36)

The Wilderness can be a scary place. Time and again the Hebrews complained when things got tough. But God was with them in the Wilderness, guiding them towards the 'promised land'. Even in their wilderness, God was speaking to them, giving them encouragement, direction and provision. Time to stop moaning and start listening to God. The journey from 'here' to 'there' should only have taken them 11 days. In the end, it took them 40 years. God was relentlessly speaking but were they listening? What is God saying to you or us?

Join us this Sunday at 10.30 am as Clare Soar explores Exodus 16:1-36 - 'Hearing God in the Wilderness'. Clare is the Youth Team Leader at Chawn Hill Church, Stourbridge, where she leads a great team of volunteer and staff youth workers. The service will also include communion.

Sunday 18th November @ 6.30 pm  

One Way or Another? (Romans 7:1-25)

Do you ever argue with yourself? Who backs down first? Who wins? Paul - one of the leading superheroes of the Christian faith - had such battles. His 'new self' wanted to go one way, but his 'old self' wanted to go in another. Even for Super Heroes of the Faith, old habits, attitudes, and haunts can have a pull. Paul sometimes found the things he wanted to do, he didn't do, but the things he did not want to do, he did. Who should he listen to?

Join us this Sunday at 6.30 pm as Danny Brierley explores Romans 7:1-25.

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